Brand New Day

Sting, one of my favorite musicians, announced he was performing a new version of one of my favorite songs on New Years Eve, A Brand New Day.
I was apprehensive actually, because I love this song and was afraid he would do something drastic to it.

As it turns out, it’s basically the same song with a slightly new drum beat.

Some people were disappointing, but I wasn’t because it still sounded so close to the original. Then I realized something. It was the same thing with something new to it. Kind of like it’s title and like the change of the calendar he was celebrating with it; a brand new day.

It turns out, that today, on January 2nd, is much like it was yesterday and on the promise of New Years Eve. It’s another brand new day.

Each day, is another chance to start anew.
Each day, is new, full of promise.

We gather on New Year’s Eve to celebrate that promise of the coming day, coming year. The minutes tick down, the streamers fly and the minute has change to something new.
Yet the next minute, the next day, is very much like the one we just passed. It’s very similar but with a new beat of hope.

We can experience this each day, each night, each moment if we choose.

Each night when you get ready to sleep, think about all that you have done and accomplished that day. Think of all those who love you and who you have touched with your kindness and love. Think of all the things you have in your life that make you smile.
And when you awaken in the morning, this Brand New Day, think first of all that you are grateful for and then all that you are looking forward to in this new day. Think of your dreams, your hopes, and all the possibilities that lay ahead.

For you see, this too is a brand new day. A brand new year that starts on this day.
You don’t need to wait until December 31st to celebrate.
Do it today.
Do it every day.

It’s your life and each and every day is an opportunity to celebrate it.