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Phoenix K. Jackson

phx5Phoenix K. Jackson
Co-Founder of Phoenix Affect |

Phoenix Jackson is the Co-Founder of the 11 year old marketing and PR firm, Phoenix Affect. She is also the creator of Phitnus, an African dance, vitamin, and fitness apparel line. She is an avid public speaker and author of coming book Spirit of Business. Learn more about Phoenix at
There is much that Jackson is involved with in various pockets throughout Colorado and beyond. Her health programming (Phitnus) has been featured on various press outlets. Alongside of this, she has worked with others in expanding their goals and dreams within their business or organization.

Aside of her personal journey in entrepreneurship, she is a part of various political and business organizations. She spends a great deal of time coaching and counseling other women ages 20-55 and loves traveling and spending time with her old son Ausar.