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TEDx Hosts

Dafna Michaelson Jenet

Gavi Michaelson

hostsDafna Michaelson Jenet and Gavi Michaelson have been mother and daughter for going on 16 years now. During this time they have co-hosted such events as: Holiday dinners at the Michaelson Jenet house, regular trips to the coffee shop, drives to school, drives home from school and more.

While this is the 6th TEDx event that Michaelson Jenet has curated and co-hosted, this is the first time live on the TEDx stage for Michaelson although she did have a video cameo in Michaelson Jenet’s TEDxDenverEd talk.

Michaelson Jenet is the co-founder of the Journey Institute which she and her husband (and producer of this event) Michael Jenet launched following Michaelson Jenet’s “50 in 52 Journey” for which she traveled to all 50 states and Washington DC in one year to find and share stories of ordinary people solving problems in their communities. Michaelson Jenet believes that solving problems starts by recognizing that you are part of a community and has dedicated her career to helping people come together to build solutions to the challenges their communities are facing.

Michaelson is a sophomore at South High School and has spent her youth practicing theater with a particular passion for comedy. She has studied improv comedy at Second City in Chicago and has taken her passion for literature to the next level by spending her summers studying at Stanford University and Amherst College through the Great Books Program. Her mother would like for you to know that she works very hard at school and gets excellent grades. (Thanks Mom.)