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Bernadette Slowey

PIcBernadette Slowey
Filmmaker/Writer/Journeyer |

Bernadette Slowey is the director and producer of Berni’s Journey, an award-winning feature-length documentary. Through serendipity, the film unexpectedly follows her personal transformation while she travels with spiritual teachers through India on a quest to make a movie about difficult transitions. She shares her stories as a refugee from the Vietnam War, a former corporate executive turned filmmaker and experiences as a recovering perfectionist through the making of her film as a metaphor for life.

As the founder and president of Vast Universe Productions, Bernadette has evolved from filmmaker to Trans-media storyteller.

She is in the process of completing her memoir and creating experiential workshops to help others awaken to their own burning journeys. 1c0772461576f6fc7489d7111d7b9018_originalBernadette is married and a mother of two teenage boys.

Click the link to view the trailer for Berni’s Journey: