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 TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen 2016 Presenters


GGagel Headshot 2015 Gretchen Gagel
Author | President and COO |

Gretchen Gagel is a proud mother of two children, Holden and Regan, and a recognized consulting expert in the construction industry. She is a prolific writer and sought-after speaker in the construction industry and author of 8 Steps to Being a Great Working Mom: Tips for Juggling Work and Motherhood. [more…]

KC_450_small_6870 Krystal Covington
Public Relations |

Krystal Covington is a public relations director, branding expert and a master of the art of social influence.  As a marketer, Krystal has led the launch of multi-million dollar products, worked directly with CEO’s of small and large businesses and produced videos with fortune 500 executives. [more…]

head shot Jamie Sarche
Funeral Planning Director |

Notorious tough-talker, Jamie Sarche, works hard to get people to put plans in place long before they need them. As the director of prearranged funeral planning, she helps them make educated decisions that are not clouded by grief. [more…]

Lisa Foster Headshot Lisa Foster
Entrepreneur | Founder of parillume |

Lisa Foster has been active in transformational ventures, both here and abroad, as an entrepreneur, non-profit founder, public speaker, facilitator, and program developer.  [more…]

PIc Bernadette Slowey
Filmmaker/Writer/Journeyer |

Bernadette Slowey is the director and producer of Berni’s Journey, an award-winning feature-length documentary. Through serendipity, the film unexpectedly follows her personal transformation while she travels with spiritual teachers through India on a quest to make a movie about difficult transitions. [more…]

DC Denise Soler Cox
filmmaker | Speaker | Entrepreneur |

Denise Soler Cox is an indie filmmaker, national speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, cultural blogger for Huffington Post Latino and syndicated content provider for She is a sought-after speaker in academic, business and community circles inspiring everyday people to better tomorrow’s world by becoming better versions of themselves today. [more…]


Meghan French Dunbar
Co-Founder / Co-CEO Conscious Company |

Meghan French Dunbar is Co-founder and Co-CEO of Conscious Company, which is the first multimedia organization in the country that specifically focuses on purpose-driven capitalism. [more…]


 maren-profile Maren Keeley
Co-Founder / Chief of Strategy + Operations: Conscious Company | 

Maren’s experience spans multiple industries and locations. She brings her systems thinking as well as art and design background to Conscious Company with creativity, hard work, and grit being at the core of her work history.  [more…]
Pic Christy Belz
Empowerment Coach and Transformation Consultant
Empowerment Consulting and Coaching – ECC |

Christy’s passion lives in the empowerment of you, both personally and professionally. Her style is leading-edge. Using progressive methods, clients are guided to discover their innate talents and are coached to bring those gifts forward to live a fulfilling life.  [more…]

Picture1 GG Johnston & Gregor Owens
Mother and Son |

Separately, GG and Gregor think differently; but together, they navigate the same path, advocating for each other.  Their differences make them a strong, loving and sometimes feisty team.[more…]


Phoenix Jackson
Co-Founder of Phoenix Affect | 

Jackson is also the creator and instructor of the new fire catching African dance and fitness series titled Phitnus. She is a small business owner of a PR, marketing and project management firm in Denver, CO called Phoenix Affect. [more…]

 d0f7c9_8dbfc96281f04451ac221748421960d4 Shari Zabel
Social, legislative, and political activist |

Shari Zabel was born and raised in rural Oklahoma. She eventually graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BA in History and Political Science and with a commission in the US Air Force. She has a Master of Aeronautical Science as well. She is a combat fighter weapons officer. She served in the Air Force for 20 years before retiring. [more…]

EllaMaria Ray Photo Ella Maria Ray
Anthropologist – Visual artist |

Ella Maria Ray is an associate professor of Africana studies and cultural and visual anthropology, and ceramicist. Through visual art she explores the relationship between ethnographic data, literature and Africana culture and history as a tool for understanding humanity. [more…]
0004000646_10 Julie Geller
Singer – Songwriter |Julie Geller delivers her lyric-driven songs with honesty, clarity, and most of all, hope. The veins that run through Julie’s music are connection and courage. Connection, because her music makes us feel both a part of something greater and more in touch with our deepest selves. Courage, because her lyrics are about the struggle to develop into the people we know we can be. [more…]