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About Michael Jenet

mjMichael Jenet is an ordinary man with extraordinary insight.  Having studied the human condition for over thirty years and read countless volumes from classic authors of every spectrum of the personal achievement genre, he has researched each nuance of what makes some people successful and keeps others from succeeding.

Born in Belgium, raised in the Midwest United States, an 8-year Veteran of the US Air Force, and now living in Colorado, he has spent a lifetime following his dreams and passion for helping others. He has been a coach, a mentor, a guest lecturer to entrepreneurs, TEDx presenter, and CEO in both the for profit and not-for-profit sectors. His first book, ASK, won the International Book Award Finalist in the self-help category.

The principles he reveals in ASK: The Questions to Empower Your Life inspire and engage his audiences to think differently and thus change their outcomes to live better, have more success, and reach their dreams and goals at every level. He helps peel back the curtain of the seemingly complex structure that successful people have mastered and illuminates them as simple approaches that anyone can use.

His latest book, A Better Life, tells the story of an ordinary man yearning to follow his dream and the struggles he faces along the way.  It’s a story of risks, dreams, hope, and triumph culminating in 5 principles everyone can use in answer to the most important question of all.

When he is not working on his next book he is working with his wife in the company they co-founded, The Journey Institute, as well as an entrepreneur with a local startup company in Denver.  He lives with his family in Colorado.