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Hospital Return

Chapter VI

FRIDAY | Hospital Return

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Dafna wakes up with a Fever. Almost 102.

I’m not sure if it’s just a cold or something to worry about. Her incision sites look okay, I mean if you can look past the bruising and such.

Dafna, however, isn’t convinced. She knows her body best. She calls the doctor. We go back to the Hospital.

It takes a while, we weren’t on the schedule. They draw some blood. Finally, we see the Doctor. He looks at the incision sites, everything looks good. Her white blood cells are not elevated, all indications are that this is NOT an infection.


He then shocks us by saying that he’s going to re-admit Dafna to the Hospital.

He doesn’t like that she’s not feeling well, wants to take every precaution and make sure nothing is going on. He orders a CT Scan of her abdomen, chest x-ray, more blood, the works.

I run back and forth between the hospital and home as our youngest son has arrived for the Holidays.

We get back to the Hospital just as they’re taking Dafna for her CT Scan.

It seems to take forever and when she finally comes back to the room we find out that she “blew a vein” in one of her IV’s.

This would be comical if it didn’t hurt Dafna so much. The amount of insult to injuries, the “this” on top of “that” that has happened in the past few weeks you could write a comedy show around.

By Saturday, the swelling in Dafna’s arm from the blown vein is starting to go down. Every single test is coming back normal which is good news and it appears that she simply caught a bug.
Much like she was sick with a cold for the three days prior to surgery she is now sick again post-surgery. Her immune system has simply taken too many hits and her body is too tired.

I fucking hate Cancer.

It’s late Saturday night, around 9pm. We’re finally home again.
Dafna’s back in her Bubbie’s bed. I’m back on the floor.
We both manage to sleep through the night.

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