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What is the ASK CirQle Mastery program?
The Ask CirQle Mastery program is a Life Transformation program, based on the book ASK: The Questions to Empower Your Life, uniquely designed for small groups of 3 to 7 people. The program takes the principles and tools from the book and utilizing the customized worksheets throughout the program helps you implement those tools and principles into your life.

How does an ASK CirQle Group work?
The group meets for two hours once a week for 16 weeks. Each ‘session’ is organized by the group leader and then facilitated by Michael Jenet. Each member of the CirQle Group will work from their own CirQle Workbook completing the assignments individually and collectively as they pertain to him or her. Weekly assignments are given and reviewed at the next session.

How often and how long are the meetings/sessions?
ASK CirQle Mastery Group sessions happen once a week for 16 consecutive weeks. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours depending on the group size and engagement.

Why is an ASK CirQle Group limited to 7 people?
The ASK CirQle Mastery Program is an intensive and interactive study program designed to help you get the most out of any and every area of your life. The work required to accomplish this takes time, effort, and focus. Working with groups larger than 7 people would require significantly more time. We wanted to keep the weekly ‘sessions’ down to two hours each week out of respect for each member’s time.

Can I do the program by myself instead of in a group?
No. The ASK CirQle Mastery program has been specifically designed to be done as a group. Manyof the exercises require group input or engagement. This is what creates the group dynamic which provides accountability and more importantly brings the group dynamic into each exercise, worksheet, and session. Without it, the program would not have the life transforming power it does.

Can my book/reading group start an ASK CirQle group?
Yes. There is no set ‘structure’ to what an ASK CirQle group should look like. Just remember that if you have an existing group of any type and want to form an ASK CirQle group from it, you will need to dedicate two hours a week solely to the ASK CirQle group in order to be successful.

Why is a facilitator necessary?
Each ‘session’ in the ASK CirQle Mastery program is designed to be facilitated in order to guide the group through each exercise; enabling members to both complete the work individually as well as benefit from the “group dynamic”. The facilitator is necessary to ensure the group dynamic can fully engage and stay on track throughout the process.

Why does the program take 16 weeks?
Transforming your life doesn’t happen overnight. While some programs are designed to last 30 days or taken as workshops over a weekend, the tenants and tools created in ASK: The Questions to Empower Your Life and subsequently in the ASK CirQle Mastery Program are in-depth and designed to become part of your daily life.
To create that kind of lasting change takes consistent effort and cannot be accomplished quickly.

Do I have to read the book ASK before starting a CirQle group?
Reading ASK: The Questions to Empower Your Life prior to starting a group will help but it is not required. A signed copy of the book by the author is included in the program.

What are the responsibilities of a CirQle Group Leader/Organizer?
An ASK CirQle group Leader / Organizer is the one who starts their CirQle group.
They are responsible for inviting members to join their CirQle group. (each member will be responsible for their own cost of the program.)
The CirQle group leader organizes the meeting days, time, and location. (locations can be the same each week or varied from week to week depending on the desires/needs of the group.)
The CirQle group leader is the person who receives all CirQle Mastery Program materials and is responsible for ensuring each group member receives their materials at the appropriate time.
The CirQle group leader is also responsible for determining and setting up each session’s remote facilitation connection (if needed).

Why is CirQle spelled with a Q?
The primary component of this program and the book ASK revolves around Questions. Thus, the second ‘c’ in the word ‘circle’ was replaced with a ‘Q’ as a reminder that questions are the key to transforming your life.

Can someone join my ASK CirQle group after the first ‘session’?
Depending on the group and how far along the program they are it is possible, though not encouraged. Each week builds upon the sessions before and joining at some point without the prior ‘base’ to build on can make it very difficult to ‘catch up’.

What happens if I miss a ‘session’?
We highly encourage people to prioritize these meetings for the full 16 weeks and do their best to attend every week. We realize, however, that life is often unpredictable and sometimes missing a session cannot be avoided. In such a case, we will try to work with the group leader and the group member to ensure they get ‘caught up’ before the next session so that they do not fall behind the rest of the group.

What if I need to drop out of my CirQle group?
We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee* from the date of the first ‘session’. This allows each CirQle group member to participate in a full ¼ of the sessions to determine if the program is working for them. If you drop out of the group once the 30 days have gone by, unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund.
* Money back guarantee does not include the $97 materials fee.